“What is tater’s precious???” This month, Angela and Jen discussed The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. It wasn’t really a review, since all they did was talk about how awesome the film was. To be honest it was a “lovefest”….can you blame them though??? Peter Jackson ROCKED the Tolkin universe when he took on these films!

Featured along with their commentary is a report from Sarah on the score, by Howard Shore, comments from Kevin from the Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV podcast, Rick from Take Him With You, Noah ( Anomaly listener and friend to Jen and Angela), and Kasey from Anomaly Supplemental and a writer here on the Anomaly Blog. You can listen to this episode by using the player located on the upper right hand side of our blog. Please send us your feedback, Google +1 us, like each of our web pages, like us on FB , follow us on Twitter and rate us on iTunes.

Jen and Angela are very thankful for the wonderful symphonic music that Justin Durban allowed us to use in this episode. Justin is a talented composer. You might know his work from Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and the Alice and Wonderland film trailers. He’s for hire if you need music for your next project.

You can purchase the LOTR: The Two Towers Soundtrack from iTunes.

Thank you’s also go out to Jen’s husband Dave, for humoring her with his imitations of goblins and orcs in a transition and a Roherrim commander defending The Keep in this edition’s spoiler alert. FOR ANOMALLLLLLY!!!

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