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Believer, wife, mom, designer, voice actress, podcast host...Anomaly. Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of Anomaly. She introduced Angela to Podcasts in 2006, after stumbling upon Treks In Sci-Fi. They became involved in the Trek SF forum and were encouraged by the host (and now good friend) Rico Dosti, to start their own show. They did in 2007 with a little help from their friends and have never looked back. :)

June 2015

Our Favorite Retro Games: Punch Out!! | Anomaly

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Donate iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Blog RSS Punch Out!!: An 80s Classic In ourAnomaly podcast episode on classic games, among other favorites, Jen talked about “Punch Out!!”. Punch Out is an arcade game released 1984 by Nintendo. It was the first in a series of boxing games that inspired an arcade sequel [...]

Our Favorite Retro Games: Frogger | Anomaly

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Donate iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Blog RSS Frogger: An 80s Classic In our Anomaly podcast episode on classic games, among other favorites, Angela talked about "Frogger". Frogger is a game from 1981 that was produced by Konami and licensed by Sega-Gremlin. The game was ported to all the major home computers and [...]

Thought Provoking Sci Fi Books: The Giver & The Handmaid’s Tale

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I’m Lynn. I used to get in trouble for staying up too late to read, and I am an Anomaly. A few years ago, I found this list. I see a lot of lists like this. Most of them, I disregard, but this one really caught my interest. This list didn’t claim to [...]

Anomaly Archive | Firefly Episodes

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iTunes ZUNE Stitcher Podcast RSS Firefly Episodes Covered on Anomaly You are visiting an Anomaly Podcast/Anomaly Supplemental Episode Archive. This section contains reviews and podcast host commentary on Firefly episodes. For more archived topics, visit our archive menu page. For current episodes on a variety of sci-fi and fantasy topics, please subscribe (for free). » [...]

Anomaly | Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

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Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Download Now (right click and save) If you like this Age of Ultron review you may also enjoy: this Guardians of the Galaxy episode or this post on Agents of Shield. Age of Ultron Review This podcast episode and the notes below contain big spoilers.  [...]