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Happy Birthday to Anomaly!

It’s Anomaly’s birthday! The Anomaly Podcast is now 9 years old… well, we started recording them 9 years ago. We’ve only been on iTunes for 8. We talk about how we got started and why we produce the show in this episode. We also shared some of our favorite episodes.

Making Anomaly has been a lot of hard work, but even MORE fun and we thank you for listening to us geek out all these years. Stick around, we have much more to gab about. If you enjoy our shows, please subscribe using the pink “subscribe”button at the top of this post.

Are you an Anomaly? Then join the conversation! Email us or comment below.  You can also find us hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. And if you REALLY like us, share our posts with your friends.

Please scroll down for links to all the Anomaly episodes we talked about in this Birthday installment of our show. 

About the Hosts

JenFounding Co-Host / Producer / Rogue
Jen teaches her 5-year-old son nerd basics, like the difference between droids and robots. Not the same thing people… NOT the same.
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AngelaFounding Co-Host / Producer/ Cheer-tator
This is not a democracy, it’s cheerocracy and Angela is the cheer-tator… and she will deal with the cheer-consequences.
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