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Who Would Win in a Fight….

Some conversations are fun every time! That’s especially true when wondering how our favorite characters would do against each other. In honor of next week’s Superbowl Game we bring you the Battle Royale of the Fantasy genre. You may agree, you may disagree! It’s possible we all have some opinion on the matter of these ultimate match-ups!!


Sauron v. Palpatine: He’s the all seeing eye and Angel who fell from grace after the creation of Middle Earth when he wanted to sing off key. In this corner Sauron the Deceiver!!!! He has been the Master Sith since before Padme met Anakin and uses force lightning so much it would make your tattoo artist blush. HE IS Daaarrrthhhhh Sideous!

Voldemort v. Yoda: In this corner, the Dark Lord whose very name strikes fear in the hearts of many. And facing him, a tiny green dude who sounds like Miss Piggy, but is deadly with a light saber – JEDI MASTER YODA!

White Witch v. The Wicked Witch of the West: She is a giant who brought evil into the world of Narnia. And facing her, Oz’s most powerful and terrifying green skinned conjurer with an army of flying monkeys, The Wicked Witch of the West!!!

Sauraman v. Dooku: One man is Middle Earth Christopher Lee with creepy hands and crazy elemental powers. Another is Star Wars Christopher Lee wielding the power of the Sith Lords!

Bellatrix vs Kahlan: Bellatrix is a dark witch recently escaped from Azkaban who is legit crazy and capable of anything – and Kahlan is the Mother Confessor who can turn anyone to her will. You don’t want to miss – Bellatrix VS. Kahlan!!

Dolores Umbridge v. Evil Willow: Arguably the most evil creature in the Harry Potter universe, Dolores Umbridge faces a super pissed off Evil Willow hell bent on destroying the Earth.

Cordy v. Cersei Lannister: This unconventional fight features a serious “Bitch Off” between Sunnydale’s most elegant Queen C and Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister!!!

Xena v. Faith: What line-up would be complete without a plain old fist-a-cuffs match between two badass women? Xena – a former warlord who delights in smiting her enemies and Faith a Slayer turned killer turned Slayer trained by the Watchers and a demonic Mayor! Two fighters enter – only one can leave!

And a bonus fight features arguably the most powerful woman in all of fantasy vs. someone from the White Tower… what could we mean? Listen and find out!

Be sure to check out the links we referenced in our episode; you’ll find at the bottom of our show notes. Please give us your thoughts. You can comment below, email us or call our voice mail line at 432-363-4742 with your feedback. Thanks for listening to our Fantasy VS. episode!

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