May 2013

Your Moment of Who: Doctor Who, Series 7, Eps 8-10 (Doctor Who Reactions)

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Here we go again!  Kasey and I set out to talk about episodes 8-10* of Doctor Who, Series 7 - "Cold War," "Hide," and "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS."  Of course, because it's us, we got a little sidetracked.  So, you'll also hear about Arthur Darvill's stint on Broadway in the Tony-winning musical [...]

March 2013

Anomaly Supplemental: Babylon 5 Season 3 Review

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Stream Now Download Now (click right and download) In this episode of Anomaly Supplemental my brains were scrambled  then served them to me for breakfast... This is my Babylon 5 Season 3 Review. Scroll down to find links to my season 1 and 2 reviews. Regarding this episode, I wanted to make a special note that [...]

Anomaly Supplemental: The Girl in the Fireplace

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In this episode of Anomaly Supplemental, the topic is Doctor Who's season two episode, "The Girl in the Fireplace." Also known as the one where the Doctor snogs Madame du Pompadour. Sue, Sarah and I discuss one of my favorite episodes of all time and also delve into the question of romance's place not only [...]

December 2012

2013 Episode Wish Lists

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NEW in 2013: Episode Lists Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental are working on their schedules for 2013. Below are the episode topic "wish lists". Several topics are of interest to both Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental and may become what we have termed: "joint episodes", which are episodes that include a panel of hosts, recorded over Skype. [...]

September 2012

Anomaly Special: All Things Trek Interview

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This special edition of Anomaly features an interview that was conducted over Skype by Oren from All Things Trek. Thank you, Oren, for sharing your episode. Representing Anomaly's "Trek fan co-hosts" were myself, Angela, Sue and Sarah. Oren asked us a variety of questions like what our favorite episodes are, our thoughts on a new Star [...]