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A now-complete series of Star Trek: The Original Series episode reviews

The TOS Project lasted for almost a full year. And 102 TV episodes and 6 movies later, there are lots of posts in the series. Therefore, I’ve created this index page to help you better find any specific episode that you may be interested in. Just click the episode title, and Scotty will transport you to the appropriate blog post. Or perhaps the mirror-universe version of that blog post.

Star Trek: The Original Series

About the Author

SueCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
Sue is a trekkie, a tap dancer, a juggler, a sports fan, an amateur photographer, a Henson fan, a blogger, a theatre nerd, a reader, a board-gamer…and therefore an “Anomaly”.

About the Project


Sue is a life-long Star Trek fan.  Although she’d seen every single episode (most more than once) of TNG, DS9, Voyager and even Enterprise, she had never watched The Original Series before 2014.  The TOS Project was conceived to correct that, and cover the original three seasons of the 1966 television series, the six feature films with the same cast, and the oft-forgotten Animated Series.