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Doctor Who Reactions:  The Time of the Doctor (Christmas Special)

In this episode of “Your Moment of Who”, KC and Sue discuss Matt Smith’s last episode as The Doctor.  We talk about scenes, moments, plot points, plot holes, and our hopes and dreams for Series 8.  Many thanks to our listeners Meds (aka Simon), Greg, Michele, and Amber for sharing their thoughts in this episode.

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Plus, we have an announcement about the future of “Your Moment of Who.”  No, we’re not going anywhere, but we are going somewhen!  Since we have eight or nine months before Doctor Who returns with Peter Capaldi and the reigns, we have decided to take a trip into Classic Who, talking about one serial from each Doctor’s tenure, from Hartnell to McGann.  And we’ll be taking suggestions on which stories to watch.  So head on over to the Facebook group to add in your two cents.

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KCCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
After misspellings of her first name and confusion with her middle name sounding like “Klingon,” she now uses her initials as her nom de plume.
SueCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
Sue is a trekkie, a tap dancer, a juggler, a sports fan, an amateur photographer, a Henson fan, a blogger, a theatre nerd, a reader, a board-gamer…and therefore an “Anomaly”.