True Paranormal Stories 2016

Ghostly voices caught on tape! A haunted doll named “Pattie”, a ghostly cemetery picnic, a woman in white, zombies, superpowers that aren’t so “super”…. we have all those stories and a whole lot more in this True Paranormal Experiences episode of the Anomaly Podcast!

Thank you to Rick Moyer and KIX 95.3 for allowing us to play clips from their video in this episode. The show notes also include links for the music played in this episode. Thank you to The Wiggly Tendrils and Hussalonia for allowing us to play their songs on the show. You can find links to their music below.

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Happy Halloween!

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KIX 93.5 Ghost Hunt Video

Music Used In this Episode

Creative Commons Credits
This episode of Anomaly uses this music from bandcamp:
Date with Death” by Hussalonia (CC license)
Wiggle Your Tendrils” with permission from Conor from The Wiggly Tendrils (All Rights Reserved)

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