A New Obsession: Stranger Things

Stranger Things KidsThis week we’re starting a new review series on  Stranger Things. SPOILERS FOR SEASON ONE. This installment of Anomaly covers season one and in it, Angela and I talk about the various tie-ins, throwbacks and possible references in the new supernatural sic-fi drama. We also point out a few Easter eggs you may have missed, and discuss the characters in depth.

It’s obvious that Stranger Things is an homage to the 80s and awesome classics like: Jaws, The Goonies, ET, Close Encounters, It, Stand By Me, The Shining and many more. But the Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers, are also gamers and another possible influence is the Mass Effect games. Listen to this episode to find out just how the popular sci-fi game series may have made an impact on character development and backstories.

Here are a couple of hints… ;)

Stranger Things And Mass Effect

Stranger Things and Mass Effect

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Be sure to check out the articles and videos we referenced in our episode, you’ll find them below.

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Topics Discussed
The Stranger Things title sequence and music
Mass Effect influences? Music, agencies and characters (soundtrack video below)
Why Dustin is awesome!
Updated versions of 80s characters
Winona Ryder’s comeback
Nancy’s decision to sleep with Steve, was it her own?
Barb is dead. Should she stay that way?
Steve’s hair…
Which characters we identified most with
What we want hope to learn in season two

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Stranger Things New Rock Stars video

Stranger Things Title Sequence

Mass Effect Theme Music

Articles We Mentioned

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