Spoiler Alert! For those who are just discovering Star Wars, be aware that this Revenge of the Sith Review contains spoilers.

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Review

We always try to be fair and look at the positives and negatives, which we did in our Revenge of the Sith review. Even with its flaws, Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (ROTS) is the best of the prequel trilogy. There are reasons why we don’t hate the prequels and we chat about that this ROTS Review. We also talk about the strengths and weaknesses of Ep. 3, pose “what if” questions, offer our theories and suggest an order for watching the films.

We’re getting closer to the release of The Force Awakensthe next time you hear from us on Anomaly, we’ll be reviewing the new film! Can you believe it’s finally December?! Are you looking forward to it?

Theories Discussed in our Revenge of the Sith Review
The Rule of Two
Padme’s cause of death (it wasn’t a broken heart or Force Choke)
Palpatine’s staff was made up of Sith acolytes & cultists
Jar Jar a Sith Lord?
“I know there’s still good in him”— Is it possible Luke is imprinted with this belief at his birth?

Questions Asked About Star Wars Episode 3
Why are the Jedi jerks?
Why is Padme a shrinking violet now?
What if Padme survived and became a rebel?
Is Anakin psychologically disturbed or did he just need a good family counselor?
When was Anakin actually seduced by the Darkside?

The Machete Order (a sequence with which to watch the Star War Saga)
Angela’s sister, an individual who hasn’t watched Star Wars, is interested in seeing all the films before viewing Episode VII. Angela outlines the order in which she will introduce the movies to her sister. She calls it “The Modified Machete Order”. Find a link we referenced below.

Revenge of the Sith Movie Trailer

Jar Jar Binks Sith Theory Explained

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