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Ghost Stories Wanted!

Anomalies! Be included in an all NEW Halloween episode of Anomaly on Monday, October 31, 2016! Audio clips and voice mail due: by 11 a.m CST, Saturday, October 29th. (This episode has been released, follow the link to listen)

We’re talking about our personal experiences with the paranormal—ghosts, aliens, monsters, premonitions, etc… you tell us your stories and we’ll tell you ours! Send an audio clip (recorded via phone app or microphone) to girlygeekz at  gmail dot com. AUDIO ONLY PLEASE. You can also call our voicemail line at 432-363-4742 and leave a message. Google Voice only allows 3 minutes calls, so please call back if you need to. We’ll splice the call together and make EVERYONE sound as awesome as possible.

We hope to include you! Thanks so much for staying subscribed. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated at We’ll talk to you on Halloween!

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