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Jen and Angela celebrate Star Trek’s Lwaxana Troi: daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed, and then talk about motherhood and “nerd moms” in this Mother’s Day edition of Anomaly.

Mrs. Troi, as she was sometimes called, was played by the late great Majel Barrett and was the mother of Counselor Deanna Troi, a telepathic human/Betazoid hybrid in Star Trek The Next Generation. Lwaxana was such a great recurring character that her character arc spanned in six TNG episodes and three Deep Space Nine episodes.

And let’s not forget that Majel also played the computer (voice of star trek computer in every series after TNG, except Enterprise)

Lwaxana Troi Episodes ( Star Trek Next Generation TV Series)

Haven (Season 1, Episode 10) The episode in which Troi’s mom arrives on the Enterprise for Deanna’s arranged wedding to Wyatt Miller, a medical doctor and apparent artist who has been sketching a woman he’s seen in his dreams since he was a young boy. He’s disappointed to find that Deanna is not the woman in his visions.

Man Hunt (Season 2, Episode 19)In the aptly named “Man Hunt” Troi’s mom is hunting for a new husband. First, it’s Picard and then she turns her attentions to Riker.

Menagé à Troi (Season 3, Episode 24): When Deanna’s mother spurns advances made by a Ferengi Daimon, he takes it upon himself to kidnap the two of them, along with Commander Riker and steal them away aboard his ship. Picard dramatically recites Shakespearean sonnets, as well as lines from Othello to rescue Lwaxana from the Ferengi who decides he doesn’t want to tangle with Picard.

Half Life (Season 4 Episode 22): Counselor Troi’s mother visits the Enterprise and becomes infatuated with a man whose culture forces him into a suicidal ritual called “The Resolution.”

Cost of Living (Season 5, Episode 20): Deanna Troi counsels Worf to deal with his son Alexander’s authority problems by drawing up a two-ways contract on paternal and filial rights and obligations, but is still practically terrified to hear her overbearing and impulsive mother, Ambassador Lwaxana, announces her own arrival, soon meddling with the educational contract, and that of a planet’s Third Minister Campio whom she decided to marry solely based on computerized profiles, but finds less compatible once he and his protocol master Erko arrive for the wedding…

Dark Page (Season 7, Episode 7) While establishing diplomatic relations with an alien race called the Cairn, Deanna’s mother experiences a mental breakdown and falls into a coma, and it seems like Deanna is the only one who is able to help her, even if her mother doesn’t want it.

Lwaxana Troi Episodes (Star Trek DS9 TV Series)

The Forsaken (Season1, Episode 16): Lwaxana Troi comes for a political visit and instead hounds Odo for romantic attention. Meanwhile, an alien probe wrecks havoc with the station’s computer, leaving Odo and Lwaxana trapped together.

Fascination (Season 3, Episode 10): As Lwaxanna Troi visits the station for a Bajoran festival, the crew is stricken with intense romantic attractions to one another.

The Muse (Season 4, Episode 20): A mysterious woman approaches Jake about his future as a writer. Odo promises to do whatever it takes to help Lwaxana Troi keep her baby over the father’s wishes – even if it means marrying her himself.

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