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D.B. Stearns: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls

Ancient Mysteries and Crystal Skulls…

That’s just two of the subjects discussed in this edition of the Anomaly Podcast. I was joined by my guest host, Noah, in a chat with author Douglas Stearns about his novel: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls, book one of The Harmonic Wars. Douglas has been on Coast to Coast AM, Caravan to Midnight and Midnight in the Desert, talking about the research he based his story on. He was an entertaining guest on Anomaly too. Check it out and let us know what you think!

You can comment below, email us or call our voice mail line at 432-363-4742 with your feedback.

Douglas asked me to tell you that on June 11th he will will be at “Crazy Lady Used Books and Emporium” in Schertz on FM78 right next to Randolph AFB (just look for his banner with the skull and pyramid), and he will also be at the “Lion and Rose Pub” in the Forum in the city of Live Oak on June 18th at 3 PM.

Angela and I will be back in two weeks with an episode about Eye of the World, the first book in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

Thanks for listening!

Topics Discussed

Optical Data Storage on Quarts Discs
Pyramid Power Plants
Ancient Power Grids
City Layouts that Resemble PC Powerboards
Sonic Stone Levitation
Crystal Skulls and more

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Jen teaches her 5-year-old son nerd basics, like the difference between droids and robots. Not the same thing people… NOT the same.
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