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Jen and Angela discuss one of the most powerful and sometimes controversial figures in the entire SciFi/Fantasy/Nerd/Anomaly genre – Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman, like all women, has been through many incarnations over the past 75 years. In this episode of Anomaly we not only explore the story behind Wonder Woman, but discuss whether she is a proud symbol of feminism or an embarrassing reminder of sexism from a bygone era – or maybe something else entirely.

From the Silver Age Wonder Woman to the most recent incarnation in the new Wonder Woman film…

Can a Beautiful Comic Book Character in a Tight Suit Represent All Women?

During the recording of this episode and the research of Wonder Woman’s history, I am more and more convinced that Wonder Woman embodies the path that all women have been on since 1941 (her comic debut). She makes her start in the comics during war-time in the 1940s when women all over were trading pearls for welding helmets and working while the men went to war. In the 50s, after husbands and fathers came home, Rosie the Riveter AND Wonder Women were told, “We don’t need you anymore, the men are back.” In the comics while ordinary women were put back in the kitchen, Wonder Woman became the REAL super heroes’ secretary. But that is not the end of her story. As women found their power, freedom, sexuality, drive, and individuality Wonder Woman did as well. Wonder Woman shows how men see us and how we see ourselves. Maybe she is some sort of fetish fantasy past her prime, but maybe she is part of a collective conscious showing how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.  ~Angela

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 Gal Gadot Kicking Ass as Wonder Woman!

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