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Buffy Musical: Once More With Feeling

Hey guys! Thank you for hanging with us while we put up archive episodes. It’s time for the Buffy Musical to be posted again. This week we are bringing back and oldie, but a goodie: Buffy’s: Once More With Feeling. Long before Avengers and Dr. Horrible, Joss dared to ask, “What if there was a demon who forced everyone to musical?” The result is one of the best episodes of the series in an otherwise dismal season for Buffy – Season 6.  (Write comments attention Angela –

A few things about the podcast. This was recorded 6 years ago so the audio may not be as good as recent episodes. I also had to edit some things that are out of date so I apologize for any inconsistency you may notice. Make sure you check out Anomaly Supplemental Episodes about Musical Theatre!

I’d like to put a special shout out to Anne, Sue, KC, and Chris who sat in on this episode with us.

Be sure to check out the links we referenced in our episode; you’ll find at the bottom of our show notes. Please give us your thoughts. You can comment below, email us or call our voice mail line at 432-363-4742 with your feedback. Thanks for listening to our review of Buffy: Once More With Feeling!

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We play full audio comments from Andrew, Lynn, Riley, Meds, and Michelle. Thank you for everything.

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Opening Overture for Once More with Feeling

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