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Oh How Time Flies! Back to the Future is 30!

Back to the Future AnniversaryIn this special vidcast episode, Angela and I toast the film series: Back to the Future. October 21st, 2015 is just around the corner! Spoiler Alert: That’s the date in Back to the Future II, when Marty shows up to save his future family and basically the entire world from that giant jackass, Biff. Seems like an awesome reason to celebrate, right?

During our discussion we talk about some of the things the movie got wrong. For instance, Marty’s version of 2015 doesn’t quite line up with our present. Men don’t wear double ties, we seem to be lacking flying cars and the Cubs still haven’t won the world series. But there are quite a few things they got right, like:

  • Smart homes are everywhere
  • Gigantic flat screen televisions are legit
  • Fingerprint locks exist
  • Virtual windows exist
  • Suspended Indoor gardens are a thing in some homes
  • Video calls can be made through televisions
  • Smart Glasses are for realz!
  • Finger Print Payment System are becoming prevalent
  • There are prototypes of the hover board (hurry up inventors!)
  • And apparently flying cars exist but they’re rare. WHY? I want my flying car!

I remember seeing these movies in the theater as a kid. In the summer of 1985, when the first film hit the screen, I was a sci-fi loving eleven-year-old girl. My favorite band was Huey Lewis and the News. Michael J. Fox was a fox, but I was twelve or thirteen when I finally recognized that fact. Better late than never, I guess.

I STILL love these movies and apparently, I’m no the only one. What’s your favorite scene?! Post below and let us know!

I hope you enjoy our tribute to Back to the Future. Now go re-watch the series and celebrate with us!

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