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Austin Comic Con, Day 1

After listening to day one’s report, scroll down for more reports and additional information.
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Austin Comic Con, Day 2

Austin Comic Con, Day 3

A Few Photos of our Cosplay Adventures

Jen, Angela and Kasey had a blast at Wizard World Austin Comic Con, which was October 2-4, 2014 in Austin, Texas. The Anomaly trio shared a small media booth (#432) with their new staff member, Noah Westerfield who does “Noah’s Nerd News”, their BFF and sometimes guest host, “Sith Jen”, and their good friend Rico Dosti from the Treks In Sci-Fi Podcast. It was a tight squeeze, but they all gathered in the booth each day to record audio and video of their experiences at the convention. See below for their daily video reports and look for full video reports, and additional audio content, to hit the feed within the next couple of weeks from Anomaly & Treks In Sci-Fi. (click for Anomaly’s FULL report)

This year’s Austin Comic Con, included featured guests: Sean Astin, Summer Gloau, Christopher Judge, Shannen Dougherty, Holly Marie Combes, Brian Krause, Bruce Campbell, and many others. While Angela and Jen were unable to obtain an interviews, Angela did score drops from Christopher Judge and Holly Marie Combes and they recorded the Q & A with Sean Astin and Summer Glau.

It wouldn’t be con without Cosplay, and once again the “Fellowship of Anomalies” brought back their favorites in addition to a few new costumes. Jen and Rico dressed in their TOS best on Friday, while Angela and her husband Jim donned their Stargate uniforms and cosplayed once more as Vala and Daniel. Kasey and Noah wore their favorite geek shirts that day, which was more than acceptable. On Saturday, Jen cosplayed as a Vulcan science officer in her DS9/First Contact/ Nemesis era TNG uniform. Rico wore his Brown Coat and six shooter, and went as Malcolm Reynolds. Everyone else, wore geek T-shirts and planned big for Day 3.  On Sunday, everyone except Kasey, who ALMOST dressed up as JJ Abrams (next year, Kasey),  went as Jedi, Sith and expecting senators. They paraded around the convention, escorting Senator Amidala through the crowds, shouting: “move along, Jedi business” to curious con-goers and posing for people who requested photographs. They’ll include photos soon, in the Image Gallery, here on the Anomaly web site. If you recognize yourself in any of them, make sure to contact us the Anomalies and they’ll pass a copy on to you.

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