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This week’s Anomaly Supplemental is an interview Kayla LaFrance, winner of Season 2 of TBS’s King of the Nerds!  Kayla and I first met at Dragon Con 2014, when I was sitting on a panel about Geeky Reality TV.  One second, I’m talking to my fellow panelists about our outline, and when we look up, most of the cast of KOTNs2 are sitting in the back of the track room.  They were wonderful, and chimed in to talk about their experiences, and hung out to chat with the panelists afterwards.

This past spring, after joining the Women at Warp crew for an episode all about Captain Janeway, Kayla was kind enough to stay on the line and talk to me one-on-one for Anomaly. We, of course, talk about her experiences on the show and what she’s been doing since then, as well as Star Trek (not just Janeway), real-life and fictional inspirations, growing up geek, women in science and fandom, NASA history, and the current state of space exploration and hopes for the future.

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