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Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the States, Anomaly Supplemental is bringing you another one of Sue’s panels from Dragon Con 2015: Truly Outrageous! Female Heroes of Classic Sci-Fi.  (If you also subscribe to Women at Warp, you may have already heard this one…)

The annual “Truly Outrageous” panel on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track at Dragon Con focuses on the women of classic sci-fi who influenced the panelists as children and young adults. It’s always a convention highlight, but this year was extra special…  While usually a fan panel, this year we were joined by the one and only Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) to discuss our favorite female heroes of classic sci-fi and discuss some of the bigger issues and questions surrounding the representation of women in science fiction.

Also, one of the panelists, Ann Caperton Gillett, wrote a follow-up piece on Feministe to better address one of the questions asked of the panel.  (And look below for links to more from the other fan panelists.)

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