Into the woods, it’s time to go
It may be all in vain, I know
Into the woods, but even so
I must begin my journey…

Into the Woods original Broadway poster (1987).Sue and KC get their theatre geek on as they cover Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s musical, Into the Woods. The hosts share their points of view about many, many themes including family and community, the possibility of happy endings, and the consequences of getting what you wish for. They also discuss the cast of the original Broadway production, composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim, the resurgence of fairy-tales in popular culture, and 20 years of whispers concerning an Into the Woods movie adaptation of Into the Woods, starring the original Broadway cast, is available for viewing on Netflix Instant Play, and can be purchased on DVD in your local store or online. A more recent production is available for digital rent and purchase via Song clips used in this episode of Anomaly Supplemental can be heard on the original cast recording of Into the Woods by RCA Victor an all rights and music property of its creators and producers.

In August, the hosts of Anomaly Supplemental will compile a list of their top 5 favorite animated television show in the science fiction and fantasy genres. If you have a cartoon that you loved as a kid and/or love now as an adult, send a comment about it to moregirlygeekz

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Theme music for Anomaly Supplemental used with permission of Marian Call.

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