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DataThis is KC, and for the month of June, Anomaly Supplemental turns its attention to Data of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Following Jen and Angela’s discussion of season two’s “The Measure of a Man,” Sue and I recorded an in depth character analysis of one of the most popular creations of the Star Trek universe.

We conversed about the evolution of the character over seven seasons and four films worth of material and explore the nuances of Data’s journey to become human. Other subjects mentioned include focus on Brent Spiner’s performance, behind-the-scenes trivia, and other facts that were provided via Memory Alpha. Also included are fantastic audio comments sent in by friends and fellow podcasters Angela (Anomaly Podcast), Meds (Waffle On, The Tipple Cast), Jen (Anomaly Podcast), and Rick (Take Him With You).

Episodes & Films Referenced

Inheritance (s7e10)
Datalore (s1e13)
Measure of a Man (s2e9)
Encounter at Farpoint (s1e1)
Hide and Q (s1e10)
Datalore (s1e14)
Brothers (s4e3)

Masks (s7e17)
Unification II (s5e8)
Naked Now (s1e2)
Measure of a Man (s2e9)
The Offspring (s3e16)
Data’s Day (s4e11)
Redemption Part II (s5e1)

The Quality of Life (s6e1)
Voyager: Protoype (s2e13)
Voyager: Author, Author (s7e20)
Film: Insurrection
Film: First Contact
Film: Generations
Film: Nemesis
All Good Things (s7e25)

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Coming soon is the Anomaly Podcast’s Hunger Games Roundtable, hosted by Jen and Angela and featuring various members of the Anomaly staff. In July, Anomaly Supplemental will be releasing an episode about Into the Woods, the 1987 stage musical by composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim and playwright/director James Lapine. An official video recording featuring the original cast is available to watch on Netflix Instant and is also available for rent on Amazon. If you are a fan of content like ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” NBC’s “Grimm,” “Faerie Tale Theatre,” “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller,” classic Disney films and/or the original Brothers Grimm fairy-tales, you will probably enjoy Into the Woods.

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Audio clips used in this episode are the property of the creators and producers of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” television show and films.

KCCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
After misspellings of her first name and confusion with her middle name sounding like “Klingon,” she now uses her initials as her nom de plume.
SueCo-Host/ Anomaly Supplemental
Sue is a trekkie, a tap dancer, a juggler, a sports fan, an amateur photographer, a Henson fan, a blogger, a theatre nerd, a reader, a board-gamer…and therefore an “Anomaly”.