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Hi, this is Jen. I’m a co-founder and co-host of Anomaly. This Star Trek Into Darkness Debate features a discussion regarding how the film treats its female characters. Was that panty scene even necessary? The debate and listener comments are meant to bring light to the discussion being had on the interwebs about this very topic. Angela and I purposefully took extreme stances in order to make the debate more interesting and perhaps entertaining. Our goal was to represent both sides of this discussion while offering the contrasting views of our listeners.

Not all the women who commented found this movie lacking in respect and not all the men who contributed felt the female characters were strong. We did our best to make this a balanced and respectful discussion. I hope you enjoy it, even if you find our arguments flawed in some way. Feel free to send us your thought on this debate. You can email them to us in mp3 or written format or you can join our Facebook Group and tell us there. You can also call our voicemail line at 432-363-4742 or use the free SpeakPipe widget here on our web site or Facebook Fan Page.

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