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Anomaly Interview | Mignon Fogarty

By | 2016-12-22T14:25:15+00:00 October 13th, 2011|Anomaly, Anomaly Supplemental, Books, Geek, Interviews, Show Notes|

Hi, I'm Sue.  I have actually uttered the phrase, "Oh good! I remembered to pack my brain slug." And I am an anomaly. In late August, at the World Science Fiction Convention, I was able to grab a few minutes to talk to Mignon Fogarty. Mignon is an author and the host of the world famous [...]

Anomaly Interview: Teal Sherer (Venom from The Guild)

By | 2017-04-20T08:28:16+00:00 October 11th, 2011|Anomaly, Gaming, Geek, Interviews, Show Notes, strong female characters, Web Series|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Download Now (right click and save) If you like this episode, you may also enjoy these interviews: Ashely Eckstein, Marian Call, and Mignon Fogarty. In this special episode of Anomaly, (the very first interview we ever conducted) Angela and I had the opportunity [...]

Anomaly: Mur Lafferty Interview

By | 2016-12-22T14:25:15+00:00 October 7th, 2011|Anomaly, Anomaly Supplemental, Books, Fantasy, Interviews, Sci Fi, Show Notes, strong female characters, Superheroes|

In this special Anomaly Week interview, Jen from Anomaly chats with Mur Lafferty. Mur is a writer, editor, podcaster and anomaly. You might know her from I Should Be Writing and/or Escape Pod. She's also the author of several sci-fi novellas, the latest being Marco and the Red Granny. Please consider purchasing one of her [...]


By | 2016-12-22T14:24:16+00:00 September 14th, 2011|

NOTE THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED. Some of the menu options below are disabled. Use the "Anomaly: Chronological Order" link to find the episodes you're looking for if the jump link you try to use does not function. Please consider leaving a positive review on iTunes, sending an email to Anomaly, liking Anomaly on Facebook, [...]


By | 2016-12-22T14:24:16+00:00 March 19th, 2011|

The Star Wars Stacks: A monthly podcast and book club dedicated to Star Wars, books, comics, games and movie news. Hosted by Jen (co-founder of Anomaly), Chris & Joe. Women at Warp Women at Warp, hosted by Sue from Anomaly Supplemental, Andi, Jarrah and Grace. It's a twice-monthly podcast where four women talk about [...]

ANOMALY |Geek Girl Podcast

By | 2017-09-30T08:20:56+00:00 February 17th, 2011|

The Anomaly Podcast, with Jen and Angela Anomaly is a geek girl podcast and blog, founded by Jen and Angela in 2007.  Their geeky episodes are centered on sci-fi fantasy books, movies, television, and games, ren faires and conventions reports.  Jen and Angela have always had two goals in mind for their show; to have fun and to offer their feminine perspective [...]

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Geek Girl BIOS

By | 2017-01-28T16:35:31+00:00 February 16th, 2011|

Anomaly's Geek Girl Podcast & Blog Staff ANOMALY: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. An oddity, peculiarity, inconstancy, incongruity... a rarity. Anomaly Podcast Jen is one of the original co-hosts of Anomaly. She is a professional graphic designer, illustrator, narrator, and voice actress. A little [...]