CaptainMeWhen I asked our co-hosts to choose their favorite five episodes, Sue was the first to reply; not only with the name of the episodes, but with a link to the show notes, too! She said if she didn’t pick five right away, and stick with them, she would never be able to make a decision. I completely understand. I, too, have found it difficult to choose five. Not because I think we’re “the bomb” and every episode is gold—far from it. It’s because each Anomaly podcast episode is something Angela and I have devoted a lot of time passion to… they’re sort of like our kiddos. Sue and Kasey share the production responsibilities for Anomaly Supplemental, I know they feel the same way. And it’s evident in the thought they give each topic.

I asked our hosts to choose a show that they were in. I thought it might help narrow things down a bit. Sue has chosen four Anomaly Supplemental episodes and one Anomaly episode. A link to the episode and the show notes will be included in each of our lists. I’ll also include links to similar episodes—Anomaly shows you may not know even exist because they’ve been archived on our web site or buried deep in our feed. Which episodes are your favorite? Please send us your comments via our Google voice mail line: (432) 363-4742, email, on Facebook, or through Twitter.

Thanks for listening!

Sue’s Top Five Anomaly Supplemental Episodes:

1.  Anomaly Supplemental: Data Character Analysis

This episode took a lot of time, both in research and in editing, but I think it was worth it.  It’s my favorite because of the hard work we put in, the details, and the somewhat philosophical discussions we got into.  Plus, who doesn’t love Lt. Cmdr. Data?


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2.  Anomaly Supplemental: Labyrinth

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, I think.  Anne, Kasey, and me talking about David Bowie’s extra tight pants, Jim Henson’s creatures, and the amazing amount of glitter available in the 1980s?  Pure joy.



3.  Anomaly Supplemental: Marian Call Interview

This interview was part of “Anomaly Month” back in the fall of 2011, filled with roundtables and interviews, which was a lot of fun for all of us.  But I particularly loved speaking with Marian Call, who graciously provides the Anomaly Supplemental theme song free of charge.  I absolutely adore her music (geeky and non) and admire her talent and art.


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4.  Anomaly Supplemental: Into the Woods

One of my favorite musicals by my favorite composer – no question that this had to be in my Top 5.


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5.  Anomaly: Once More With Feeling

I’m not positive, but this might have been my very first appearance on Anomaly.  And any time I can talk musicals – stage or screen – I’m a happy panda.  Plus, I think this episode is one of the most brilliant things Joss Whedon
[patron saint of Anomaly] has ever written. 


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