Hi, I’m Sue.  I have Mary Poppins-like packing skills, and I am an Anomaly.

Another year, another packed Dragon Con schedule.  If you’re attending and are interested in seeing me talk in addition to hearing me talk (you know – podcasts), here is where you can do that!  For the first time, the events associated with the Dragon Con Newbies group (started by Kevin Bachelder, and of which I am a moderator along with Michael Falkner and Kim McGibony) are official convention programming – it’s exciting and scary.  And, again for the first time, I will actually be in the Dragon Con Parade on Saturday morning.   It’s going to be a busy Con.

Dragon Con Newbies Walking Tour
Thursday at 4:00pm
Main Programming (Meeting at Marriott A601-602)
Want to know the best way to get from one hotel to another? Need to learn where the food court is? If so, come on this walking tour and find out!

Dragon Con Newbies Meet and Greet Social
Thursday at 5:30pm
Main Programming (Marriott A601-602)
Meet fellow first time con attendees and many long time attendees in a casual social setting. Ask questions and learn about the awesomeness that is Dragon Con.

Dragon Con 101
Friday at 10:00am
Main Programming (Hyatt Regency V)
Connect with fellow newbies and get helpful advice/tips from several long time con attendees so you can get the most out of your Dragon Con experience.  We will have brief presentations followed by open Q&A so you can come in and stay for as long as you like during this casual session. No need to stay for the whole event if you don’t want to.

Creatures Beyond Space and Time
Friday at 4:00pm
Trek Track (Sheraton Athens)
Discussion on the supernatural beings associated in the Star Trek Universe.

Wizard of Oz Anniversary: Because, Because, Because
Friday at 5:30pm
American Sci-Fi Classics Track (Marriott M303-304)
Oil yourself and put ’em up for this salute to the greatest flying monkey movie ever.

Goodbye to Being Human
Friday at 7:00pm
Urban Fantasy Track (Westin Chastain DE)
A moderated fan panel discussion of the four season of the US version of this hit show.

13th Annual Dragon Con Parade
Saturday 10:00 AM
Main Programming  (Parade Route)
Gather your costume and muster at 9:30am sharp to join our Grand Marshals for the parade!
*I will be part of the Doctor Who group this year.

She-Ra and the Panel of Honor
Saturday at 11:30am
American Sci-Fi Classic Track (Marriott M303-304)
Her cartoon was better than He-Man.  There, we said it.  
*Due to the parade and the Doctor Who costume photo shoot immediately following, I will likely be joining this panel late, if at all…

Reality TV and Nerd Culture
Saturday at 7:00pm
American Sci-Fi/Fantasy Media Track (Marriott M301-302)
Indulgence or Exploitation? A look at shows like Face Off, King of the Nerds and more. 

Truly Outrageous: Female Heroes from Classic Sci-Fi
Saturday at 8:30pm
American Sci-Fi Classics Track (Marriott M303-304)
Female heroes throughout geek history are the best ones.  Here’s why.

Doctor Who New Series Chat: Capaldi First Impressions
Sunday at 10:00am
Brit Track (Hilton Grand Ballroom West)
A chat about all things Peter Capaldi and the new Doctor on Doctor Who.  This panel will contain spoilers!

Haven-ly Intervention
Sunday at 11:30am
American Sci-Fi/Fantasy Media Track (Marriott M301-302)
It takes a certain kind of person to live in Haven, Maine. A look back at the past season and forward to the renewal for next year.

Law Enforcement and the Future
Monday at 11:30am
American Sci-Fi/Fantasy Media Track (Marriott M301-302)
A discussion of how shows like Continuum and Almost Human weigh personal right against vigilance and safety.
*I am moderating this panel.

Magic From Another World: Witches of East End
Monday at 2:30pm
Urban Fantasy Track (Westin Chastain DE)
A moderated fan panel discussion of the hit show.

Remember how I said I wanted to scale it back this year?  That clearly didn’t happen.  Especially considering that I was asked to be on 3 or 4 more panels than are listed here, and wound up having conflicts.  And in addition to all of this stuff, I also plan to attend the Doctor Who cosplay photo shoot immediately following the Parade on Saturday and I’m entered as part of a team for Project Cosplay on Sunday night.   And, somehow, I do plan to attend some panels this year.  Plus, Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden are doing a panel together, and I will walk on hot coals if that’s what it takes in order to be in that room.  Also, sleep.  Sleep is good.

Finally, I give you my cosplay lineup.


See you in Atlanta!