Jen2“Anomaly”, the show I’ve been recording with my friend for almost a decade, is like a little time capsule to me. Most of my favorite episodes include the sounds of my son, Aaron, and Angela’s little boy, Russell, in the background. Often, they’re playing quietly in our laps as we talk or they’re screaming their heads off downstairs as our husbands “try” to keep them quiet.  At any time, I can push play to remember my “B.C.E.” (Before Children Energy) and hear my  “A.A.E.” (After Aaron Exhaustion). Regardless of what I hear, the sounds always brings a smile to my face. I think that’s one of the things I love most about recording this show–I’m not only documenting our opinions on various things, but also our personal histories.

Anomaly has chronicled our ups and downs, like the different episodes in which Angela and I announced that we were expecting a child, my musings of how I will decorate “my daughter’s room”, the development of little Russ’s immense vocabulary or Angela’s reports on how she was doing in her fight against cancer. Thank God she was able to kick it in the butt–that too was announced on the show. Not to toot our own horns, but we’ve been through quite a bit  in the eight plus years we’ve been recording Anomaly; somehow we keep plugging along.

Anomaly is also an artistic outlet for me. I enjoy designing artwork and mixing audio and sound effects to enhance our discussions. Sometimes the enhancements include video footage. We only produce videos for our con and ren faire reports, but they’ve always been among my favorites and I added a few in my list below.

When I proposed that we each come up with a top five list, I asked our hosts to choose episodes that they themselves were in. I thought it might help narrow things down a bit. A link to the episode and the show notes will be included in each of our lists. I’ll also include links to similar episodes—Anomaly shows you may not know even exist because they’ve been archived on our web site or buried deep in our feed. Which episodes are your favorites?

Please send us your comments via our Google voice mail line: (432) 363-4742, email, on Facebook, or through Twitter.

We love producing this show and we love our listeners. Thank you for downloading and being there through everything with us. :)

Jen’s Top Five Anomaly Episodes:

1.  Anomaly Video Report: Austin Comic Con 2012  from 11/12/12

We had such a great time at this convention and we’re going again this year! Who’s gonna meet us there?! We were so excited during this con and you can hear it in our voices, even weeks afterward. Personally, I believe the episodes where you can hear the enthusiasm we have for what we do, are the best. You can also see it in the footage and photos included. That, and Angela’s Wonder Woman/ Captain Picard picture steals the show!

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Show Notes

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2.  Vid Report Anomaly of T-Ren 2012 from 1/28/13

In this video commentary, Angela and I talked about our annual trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival. We have several audio reports on T-Ren (as we call it) and another vid report from the previous year, but I think I like this one the best because we capture the camping experience in footage and photos. I also had a great time recording and editing this–it’s always a blast. One of these days, we’ll have a “documentary style” video filmed by someone other than me. :D

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3.  Anomaly MiniSkirt: Where’s my Flying Car from 5/13/13

We’ve done a few interviews on Anomaly, but the ones that include my family are among my favorite. My mom appeared in an episode way back in the day, my husband has popped in to help with Renfest reports, but this has to be my favorite of all. It features my Nana talking about how technology, entertainment and life in general has changed since she was a girl. We received quite a bit of feedback from listeners regarding this interview, which leads me to believe it’s one of your favorites too. Rest assured, there will be several “Nan-omaly” sequels; in fact, Nana’s sister, my great aunt, has expressed an interest in talking with me. 
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4.  Anomaly: TNG’s 25th and Ship in a Bottle from 9/29/12

This episode is a  “love letter” of sorts, to our favorite TV show–Star Trek The Next Generation. Angela and I talk about why we heart it so much and then play a review we did of “TNG: Ship in a Bottle” back in 2008 that was played on Treks in Sci-Fi and Anomaly. Show Notes
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5.  Worst of Trek Anomaly of Sub Rosa from 2-14-11

Angela and I have a lot of fun with our Worst of Trek Series…I honestly have a hard time choosing between them. I decided on this one: a) because we apparently had the forethought to release it on Valentine’s Day and b.) it’s freaking hilarious. Also, I love that, in the beginning of the show,  I can hear Aaron as an infant in the background. I had so much fun mixing this episode too. This installment is only available in the archive on our web site, but I think it will eventually re-enter the podcast feed. It just has to. We recently released a third installment of our Worst of Trek series called “Way to Eden“, in which Rico Dostie from Treks In Sci-Fi joins us, to review this crud-tastic TOS bomb. I hope you’ll check that one out too. 

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*  Bonus: Angela and Jen: Geeky Celebrity Encounters

This is an archived episode from May 11, 2008 in which Angela talks about giving Marina Sirtis and autographed photo of herself at a signing in her hometown.