Anomaly Featured in “Podcast Luminary” Series

Jen and Angela at Austin Comic Con

Jen and Angela at Austin Comic Con

The Anomaly Podcast was featured today, in a series on Libsyn’s official blog called: “Podcast Luminaries”. When we first started Anomaly, we never imagined anyone would ever refer to us as “luminaries”. Back then, we were just having fun, talking about nerd stuff in our living rooms… and to this day, we still are. We kept plugging along, not only because it was such a blast to make Anomaly, but because of our listener’s emails, voice mails, ratings, reviews and continuous downloads. They inspire and motivated us keep recording.

The Q&A with Libsyn, highlights podcasts hosted by their company that have been producing episodes for six or more years and are still going strong.  This year, we celebrated Anomaly’s eighth year as a podcast and its seventh in the iTunes store. In addition to a list of other questions, Elsie Escobar from “The Feed” and “She Podcasts“, asked us if we had any advice for new podcasters. Our reply was simply this: “The minute you lose your enthusiasm for a subject, or for podcasting in general, it becomes bland to your audience and nothing more than a thankless job to you. Don’t make it a job, make it fun.” Fun. Funny. Fun loving…that’s what we aim for every time we hit record.

Check out the Q & A!

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Believer, wife, mom, designer, voice actress, podcast host...Anomaly. Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of Anomaly. She introduced Angela to Podcasts in 2006, after stumbling upon Treks In Sci-Fi. They became involved in the Trek SF forum and were encouraged by the host (and now good friend) Rico Dosti, to start their own show. They did in 2007 with a little help from their friends and have never looked back. :)

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