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The 5 Best and Worst Moments from Zelda: Ocarina of Time

For me The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is probably one of my top 5 game playing experiences ever. I spent day after day playing and investigating and winning and losing until I finally completed the game. I even remember regailing my non-gaming friends with stories of how great it was. They were nice to listen – and you are nice to read. :) What are your favorite moment from Zelda? Tell me in the comments!


Opening large chests: When gaming there is nothing more satisfying than finding a brand new item to wear or wield and improve your chances in the game. Ocarina of Time featured item chest openings are the gold standard for the in-game discovery experience. You can see and here the awesomeness here.

Songs on the Ocarina: Learning a new song was exciting in Zelda. You gained access to dungeons, summon horses, and opened up time portals. Pretty nifty. The songs in Zelda: OOT are so popular that some fans have gotten song tattoos. That is dedication.

Z-Targeting: As a person who has trouble aiming in games, Z-Targeting was super useful. Not sexy, but it got the job done!

Cucco Throwing: Cuccos in Zelda is one of the silliest aspect of the game. Especially after lesson’s learned in A Link to the Past in which attacking cuccos could result in death.

Sunsets: After a long day of breaking pots, trading masks, throwing cuccos and generally saving Hyrule, it is nice to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the kingdom.


Redead: There you are minding your own business, pretty proud of yourself for earning the 3 jewels as young Link and opening the Temple of Time and suddenly finding yourself 7 years older. So what do you do? You step outside to the market to see what is what and HOLY GOODNESS MOTHER -F@!@$-IN-WHO-A#$? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? That is a Redead and this gif is not an exaggeration. They wrap themselves around your head and soul suck you until you can escape or you die. IT IS HORRIFYING. And really ruins the buzz of stepping out of the Temple of Time. Geez!

Navi: An avid player of Zelda Ocarina of Time will soon develop ticks related to the sound of “Hey”, “Hey”, “Hey”!! “Hey, Listen”, “Hey, Look”, “Hey, Watchout”. Navi: “Shut the fuck up!” I totally feel better. Yes Navi has helpful hints, but it ends up even more annoying she bugs you over and over again and the information is useless. Click here if you want to “listen“.

Shadow Temple: The Shadow Temple is the 7th dungeon in Ocarina of Time. And it is flipping terrifying. You enter through a graveyard. The walls are literally decorated with skulls and blood of victims. Those Redead bitches are EVERYWHERE! And you get to meet nice creatures like this guy pictured below. Even the score without context is creepy. For me this dungeon was a “lights on” kind of experience.

Masks, I don’t get it: There is one mask quest that you have to do in order to continue your main quest in Zelda. I admit that is the only one I did. I did not get the mask thing and this dude is creepy.

Epona: This is a gamer confession. No matter how many times I tried, I could never actually win Epona. Luckily I was able to win the game anyway, but I feel like I missed one of the main experiences. But that jerk always beat me. It is a blemish on my gaming record and it makes me sad to this day! Curse you Ingo! Curse you!

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