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August 2015

Anomaly Supplemental | Into the Woods – Stage v. Screen

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Donate iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Blog RSS In this episode of Anomaly Supplemental, Angela joins KC and Sue to discuss Disney's Into the Woods feature film.  Well, not so much "discuss" as "critique."  Well, not so much "critique" as "complain about." All three hosts have very long and [...]

June 2015

Anomaly Supplemental: The Emperor’s New Groove

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Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS The Emperor's New Groove “Beware the groove… grooooooooove…” This week’s episode of Anomaly Supplemental features co-hosts KC and Sue covering Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. Though neither a musical nor a princess movie, The Emperor’s New Groove is one of the funniest [...]

April 2015

June 2012

Anomaly of Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

By |2016-12-22T14:25:09+00:00June 13th, 2012|Anomalous Musings, Convention Report, Disney, Sci Fi, Star Wars|

Hi, I'm Sue.  I could never be a hipster because my superhero t-shirt aren't ironic.  And I am an Anomaly. In addition to being a big sci-fi fan, I'm also a DisNerd (or "Disney Nerd", for the uninitiated).  I somehow seem to find myself at a Disney park several times throughout the year for [...]