March 2015

Anomaly Convention Report | PAX East & PAX South 2015

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Donate iTunes Stitcher Player FM Podcast RSS In this edition of Anomaly, Jen is joined over Skype by Anomaly contributors, Sith Jen and Anne, to chat about their experience at PAX East and PAX South this year. They start by giving their over all impressions, compare PAX to other conventions they attend, talk about costly as [...]

December 2014

“Pre Con” Excitement: Austin Comic Con 2014

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Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune PODCAST RSS This episode of Anomaly was recorded at Wizard World Austin Comic Con in 2014. In it we discuss what we're looking forward to seeing at the convention. Listen to the episode find out what we have in store in 2015 and send in your comments [...]

November 2014

Anomaly Video Report: Austin Comic Con 2014

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Download Episode (right click and save) If you enjoy this episode, check out the Shaun Astin Panel as well as our  2012 and 2013 reports » Austin Comic Con is so Wizard! In this edition of Anomaly, Jen and Angela describe their cosplay adventures at the Wizard World's Austin Comic Con, in (you guessed it) Austin, Texas. [...]

October 2014

NYCC’s Anti Harassment Policy and Why It’s Awesome

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By this time, you're probably aware of the human-sized signs that were all over New York Comic Con this past weekend with their new Anti Harassment Policy.  In case you're not, here they are (click to embiggen):    As you can see, one side says "Cosplay is Not Consent" with a short paragraph about keeping your [...]

August 2014

Sue’s Dragon Con 2014 Schedule

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Hi, I'm Sue.  I have Mary Poppins-like packing skills, and I am an Anomaly. Another year, another packed Dragon Con schedule.  If you're attending and are interested in seeing me talk in addition to hearing me talk (you know - podcasts), here is where you can do that!  For the first time, the events associated [...]