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Noah Picks: Top Ten “Cult Classics”

By | 2016-12-22T14:24:30+00:00 October 27th, 2015|Anomalous Musings, Classic Movies, Geek, Movie Reviews|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS There is a sub-genre of films that we all must pay homage to:  Cult Classics. Everyone has their own criteria for what makes a movie a cult classic, but through some vigorous internet research and my own dashing flair for making awesome top ten lists, I [...]

From A to Xena: Life Lessons from a Warrior Princess

By | 2016-12-22T14:24:30+00:00 October 20th, 2015|Anomalous Musings, Classic TV, Geek, strong female characters|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Back in late July, I took on the enormous task of re-watching all of Xena Warrior Princess before heading to Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend, where I would be one of the panelists on the 20th Anniversary Panel.  And as I was power-watching this [...]

Lootcrate vs Geek Fuel: Battle of the Monthly Nerd Boxes – September

By | 2016-12-22T14:24:31+00:00 October 15th, 2015|Anomalous Musings, Geek, Product Reviews|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS I love stuff. I especially love nerdy stuff. So a great deal of squee happened when my wife Heather told me a little more than a year ago that for my birthday present she was going to sign me up for Lootcrate, a monthly nerd [...]

The Next Doctor Who Companion: KC’s Wish List

By | 2016-12-22T14:24:31+00:00 October 14th, 2015|Anomalous Musings, Doctor Who Episode Guide, Doctor Who Review, Sci Fi, TV episode review|

Donate Blog RSS iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS In the Fires of Pompeii/Series Nine Spoilers episode of Your Moment of Who, I presented a quandary of who was more like to vacate the TARDIS by the end of the upcoming series: Jenna Coleman or Peter Capaldi. My question was answered a few short days later. [...]