October 2013

Anomaly of Return of the Jedi

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Donate iTunes ZUNE Stitcher Podcast RSS If you enjoyed this Star Wars-centric Anomaly episode, you may also enjoy these: * The Star Wars Experiment (archived ep), Star Wars and/or Star Trek? (archived ep), The People Vs. George Lucas, Anomaly of The Empire Strikes Back (archived ep), Anomaly of Return of the Jedi, The Star Wars Holiday Special, [...]

August 2013

Anomaly of Star Trek Into Darkness Debate

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Donate Podcast RSS Stitcher iTunes Zune Hi, this is Jen. I'm a co-founder and co-host of Anomaly. This Star Trek Into Darkness Debate features a discussion regarding how the film treats its female characters. Was that panty scene even necessary? The debate and listener comments are meant to bring light to the discussion being had on the [...]

July 2013

The Host’s Picks: Jen’s Top Five Anomaly Episodes

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  "Anomaly", the show I've been recording with my friend for almost a decade, is like a little time capsule to me. Most of my favorite episodes include the sounds of my son, Aaron, and Angela's little boy, Russell, in the background. Often, they're playing quietly in our laps as we talk or they're screaming [...]

Anomaly Classic: Galaxy Quest

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Donate iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS Blog RSS Welcome to the Anomaly Podcast! In 2008, Angela and I covered one of our favorite movies--Galaxy Quest. When we polled our listeners about which archived Anomaly episode they wanted us to reintroduce to our podcast feed, they overwhelmingly chose Galaxy Quest. It seems [...]

June 2013