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Killing Ruby Rose was highly publicized on Amazon and, as it came recommended to me, I purchased it a few months ago. My sister was recently on vacation and thought of getting it as a “beach read” – which prompted me to check it out for myself.

Killing Ruby Rose is an action packed Veronica Mars meets Iron Man type of story. A young, attractive, loner teen (with an unlimited bank account, parental issues, an obvious shoe addiction and unusually high access to weapons) is placed in a dangerous predicament she must unravel before anyone else gets hurt. If you are looking for a heroic anti-heroine – you have come to right book.

Ruby Rose on the surface appears to have it all – looks, brains and a walk-in shoe closet named Gladys. However, when her father suddenly dies, she has no answers to his death and no support from her make-it-to-the-top-at-any cost D.A of a mother. Ruby loses herself in fantasy crime fighting but when a long awaited text message ends in murder, she has to face a very real world of crime, deceit, and betrayal. Lost and isolated in an idyll world of perfect weather, beaches and handsome admirers, Ruby Rose must step outside of her own teen angst and into the larger world of adult decisions and consequences.

This book is the first installment in the Ruby Rose series by Jessie Humphries. The second book – Resisting Ruby Rose – is also available now through your usual book retailers. This book is probably on the more adult end for YA – the novel includes violence and discussion of sex.

I would recommend this book for those who enjoy murder mysteries and drama – if you love PLL (Pretty Little Liars) or Vampire Diaries, I think this book is right for your next book read.

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