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Anomaly Supplemental

Anomaly Supplemental, with Kasey and Sue

Anomaly Supplemental is a true testament to the power of the internet.  Only Kasey actually knew Jen and Angela before the genesis of the Anomaly community.  She and Sue, a podcast listener, were asked to contribute to the Anomalous Musings blog beginning in August of 2009.  As the community continued to grow, Anne, another listener, joined the blog staff and Sarah took on the roll of Anomalous Correspondent in September 2010.  Of these four women, only Anne and Sue have been in the same room together, and only once (so far) after both joining the staff.

Honored that Jen and Angela would share their creation, these ladies work to spread the word about Anomaly and expand the community, and heard that fans of the podcast wanted more.  But, as Jen says, “podcasting is hard work.”  An idea started forming to bring podcast subscribers more Anomaly without adding to the workload for the founding hosts.

Eventually, the idea took shape as Anomaly Supplemental – a weekly podcast in the Anomaly feed (and on a staggered release schedule).  Episodes may be hosted by any permutation of the Anomaly staff, including the founding hosts, from a solo show to a 6 (or more) person round-table, and focus on topics that may not be covered by the mother podcast.

Anomaly Supplemental Episodes

Your Moment of Who | Doctor Who Series 8 Episodes 10-12 (Doctor Who Reactions)

Donate iTunes Stitcher Player FM Podcast RSS Doctor Who Reactions:  In the Forest of the Night / Dark Water / Death in Heaven KC and Sue talk about the last 3 Doctor Who Series 8 episodes, the first season of the Twelfth Doctor. This episode is part of the Anomaly Supplemental Catch-up Initiative.  It was recorded on November 11, 2014.  Sorry. Time Stamps, for the spoiler-sensative 1:02 - In The Forest of the Night 6:15 - Dark Water/Death in Heaven [...]

Anomaly | The Worlds of Terry Pratchett (Dragon Con 2013)

Donate iTunes Stitcher Zune Podcast RSS If you like this panel, you may also enjoy: Shaun Astin Panel (featuring Shaun Astin at Austin Comic Con 2014). Sir Terry Pratchett passed away on March 12, 2015, and neither our world nor the Disc will ever be the same. This episode features Sue, trying to keep it together while she talks briefly about her love of his work and the full audio of a BritTrack panel recorded at Dragon Con 2013 called "The Worlds of Terry Pratchett." Download episode>> [...]

Anomaly Supplemental: We’re Not Dead

Donate iTunes Stitcher ZUNE Podcast RSS KC and Sue return to Anomaly Supplemental after a bit of a hiatus! And there was much rejoicing (yay)! The co-hosts catch up on what they've been up to in the real world, talk about the media they've been consuming, and pet shenanigans. They covered many topics, including Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Birdman, The Handmaden's Tale and more. It's a free-for-all, hour-long "Whatchu Been Doin'" episode this month. Over the next few weeks, previously recorded Supplementals and Your Moment of Who's will be popping up in [...]

Your Moment of Who: Series 8, Episodes 7-9 ( Reactions to Doctor Who Episodes )

Donate iTunes Stitcher Player FM Podcast RSS Doctor Who Reactions:  Kill the Moon / Mummy on the Orient Express / Flatline KC and Sue return once again to discuss these Doctor Who episodes: Kill THe Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, and Flatline. As always, we would like to remind you that we have each seen these episodes only once, and these are our first reactions. And as usual, we go down several rabbit holes and stir up some Moffat crit. Time [...]